What is it?

A fun afternoon of chamber music. Come alone or bring a few friends and we'll organise the rest.


Whether you've never played chamber music before or you already have an established group, this mini-WAYACHAMP taster caters to everyone wanting to brush up their chamber music skills.

While the majority of the WAYAJAM sessions involve sight-reading, the first session of the afternoon involves everyone playing the same piece together so that when you do split off into your small groups, you already know how it goes!

Students may request for specific pieces to be played at WAYAJAM.

Open to

Violin, viola, cello students

Ages 10 - 17

Grades 2 and up


$50 per student


Winter WAYAJAM - Saturday 17 July

UWA Conservatorium of Music

1:00pm Session 1 (orchestra - 30 mins)

1:45pm Session 2 (small group A - 45 mins)

2:30 Break

2:45pm Session 3 (small group B - 45 mins)

3:30 Finish

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