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Academy Bursaries 2023

The Australian Strings Association (AUSTA), WA Chapter, are pleased to support bursaries for students attending Academy programs in 2023. To be eligible, applicants must be students of an AUSTA member and their application should include a note of support from their teacher. Please enquire if unsure.

Value: 50% off enrolment fee (merchandise purchases not included)


Number of places: 4 places to each Academy, allocated on the basis of merit and need.

Apply by: 21 July for Spring Academy

Apply by filling out this form HERE

AUSTA Bursary
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Regional Student Scholarships

Financial assistance towards Academy programs for students who live in a regional area (greater than 70km from Perth CBD).

Value: 100% off enrolment fee (merchandise purchases not included)


Number of places: 

Apply by:


Unfortunately, due to funding cuts we are unable to offer any further Regional Scholarships in 2023. However, regional students are encouraged to apply for the AUSTA bursary as above.

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WA Music Co Viola Scholarship


What is it?

The recipient of the WA Music Co Viola Scholarship will receive free viola hire for 9 weeks and attend WAYACHAMP's Spring Academy free of charge.

Instrument hire will commence 8 weeks prior to Spring Academy to give the recipient time to adapt to the instrument. The hire period will finish at the end of the Academy program. Students are expected to participate in Spring Academy on the instrument.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to collect the viola in the week of the commencement of the hire period and be responsible for the care of the instrument. A deposit will be required to be paid by the scholarship recipient to the instrument hirer (WA Music Co), which will be reimbursed at the end of the scholarship so long as the instrument is returned in good condition.

Students will be responsible for organising their own lessons on the viola.

Open to:

Violin students aged 10 - 17 who are currently grade 2 and above on the violin.

Application process

This scholarship has been paused for 2023


Cello Scholarship


What is it?

The recipient of the Cello Scholarship will receive free hire of a beautiful full size Karl Höfner (Germany, 2006) cello gifted to WAYACHAMP.


The recipient will be chosen from cellists applying to the Academy and/or Term Programs and are able to play on the instrument during these Programs and for a short period before/after as determined by the Program Director.

It is the responsibility of the recipient to collect the cello at the commencement of the hire period and be responsible for the care of the instrument. Should any damages occur, the recipient will be required to pay for the repairs.

Open to:

WAYACHAMP Cello students fitting a 4/4 size cello

Application process

Candidates are selected by invitation

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AUSTA Pre-formed Group Scholarship Recipients

2017 - 2022


The Scholarship was created to encourage more students to join Spring Academy with their friends, to both enhance their WAYACHAMP experience and encourage the students to continue playing together after the Program finishes. Each member of the ensemble received 100% free tuition at the enrolled Spring Academy course.

Stranger Strings photo.jpg

2022 - Stranger Strings

Rossmoyne SHS Junior String Quartet.JPG

2019 - Rossmoyne Senior High School Symphony Quartet

Finesse Strings.jpg

2021 - Finesse Strings

Shenton college String Quartet.jpg

2018 - Shenton College String Quartet


2020 - ANATO Trio


2017 - Albany Youth String Quartet

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