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WAYACHAMP Commissions

WAYACHAMP Commission Program


Established in 2021, WAYACHAMP's Commission Program aligns with the vision, which is:

To provide young people with nurturing and engaging experiences, focusing on collaboration, connection and development through the platform of chamber music.

By commissioning local, living artists to compose new works for the young artists, WAYACHAMP enables connections between students and professionals in an exchange which promotes cultural curiosity and relevance.

​2021 Commission

Kathy Potter, Reaching Out (string quartet)

Premiered 30 September 2021 by Ellie Malonzo, Alicia Sun, Kylie Zhang and Yuchen Chan

(As featured in the above video)

2022 Commission (postponed)

Rebecca Erin Smith

Rebecca's composition will be performed by students at the 2023 Autumn Academy.

If you would like to be considered for a commission, or would like to support this initiative, please get in touch at

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