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WAYACHAMP Commissions

Works for Us

Inaugurated in 2021, WAYACHAMP's Commissions project (Works for Us) extends an invitation to established composers in Western Australia to compose chamber music pieces exclusively for the young artists of WAYACHAMP. Works for Us seeks to establish a contemporary repertoire playable by the 10 - 17 age group that engages imaginations and celebrates our community.

This initiative fosters cultural curiosity and relevance through the exchange of ideas between students and seasoned professionals. It offers students an opportunity to interpret new music and blend their knowledge of technical and creative aspects of music. The premiere of each composition occurs at the Academy Final Concert and scores are subsequently being added to a collection of Australian chamber music that will be made accessible to musicians globally.

2022 Commission

R.E. Smith, Intrepid: Passage to Antarctica (string quartet)

Premiered on 14 April 2023 by Elouise Watson, Zachary Madan, Jessica Casey and James Ji

2021 Commission

Kathy Potter, Reaching Out (string quartet)

Premiered 30 September 2021 by Ellie Malonzo, Alicia Sun, Kylie Zhang and Yuchen Chan

If you would like to be considered for a commission, or would like to support this initiative, please get in touch at

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