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What is it?


A 6-week chamber music course for higher level students with performance outcome and leadership training.

New in 2023, this program seeks to attract the higher level student and those potentially seeking future study in music at tertiary level. In the Intensive program, our focus is on two main outcomes:

  1. Skills development in chamber music focusing on professional level repertoire

  2. Leadership building through group discussion and set tasks. Students will be asked to contribute to discussions and reflections around the music and how they think it should be performed. They will also be given tools and mentorship to assist them with the task of organising and presenting their own concert. 

This program offers a hybrid of online and in person experiences to make effective use of students' busy schedules.


The program also aims to set up well balanced ensembles that have potential to continue playing together with continued support through WAYACHAMP. These ensembles would be ideal for entries into local and national competitions as well as for skills development and enjoyment.

Open to

15 places only, subject to audition:

Violin = 7 places

Viola = 3 places

Cello = 4 places

Piano = 1 place

These will form 3 string quartets and one piano trio

Students must be under 18

Key Dates

Planning is underway to hold the next Intensive mid-2024

How to Apply

Applications for Intensive 2024 will open next year

The application form must include recordings of 2 video excerpts (uploaded files or URLs) and a recent headshot.


Intensive Instagram Post-1.png

Flyer designed by Zachary M

Intensive 23 participants.png

Intensive 23 participants - James J, Victoria Y, Uma F, Mia H, Haydn F, Emily G, Isabella S, Ari F, Paula K, Audrey J, Zachary M, Audrey T, Emma L, Jessica C, Aurelia Q, Sophie L

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