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What is it?

To encourage the creation of new string music and foster the relationship between composer and performer, young artists (aged between 10 - 17 years) are invited to submit their own string and/or piano+string compositions. Depending on durations and difficulty level, one or two compositions will be chosen to be workshopped and performed during the WAYACHAMP Program by students and tutors. 


Compositions will be workshopped during the Autumn and Spring Academies. Composers will be invited to this workshop and their pieces will be played by WAYACHAMP students and tutors. Works should therefore ideally be playable by a grade 7 level musician.

Examples of instrumentation pieces could be written for:

violin + cello

2 violins + cello

2 violins + viola + cello

violin + cello + piano

violin + viola + cello + piano

2 violins + viola + cello + piano

3 cellos

4 violins

Open to

Ages 10 - 17

Applicants do not have to be attending as a WAYACHAMP student.



Application due dates:

Autumn Academy: 29 March

Spring Academy: 2 September

by filling out the form below.

Upon application, please email a recording of your piece (midi/mp3 ok) to info@wayachamp.com

After the closing date applicants will be advised whether their compositions will be chosen.

Have a question about WAYACHAMP Compose? Send an email here.

WAYACHAMP Compose! Application form
Upload PDF of score and parts here
Upload parts separately here if required

Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch with you soon!